AHA High Blood Pressure Toolkit

4 Hypertension Guideline Toolkit for Healthcare Providers THE RISK Several modifiable CVD risk factors are commonly found in people with hypertension, including: Coronary Heart Disease 17% reduced risk Stroke 27% reduced risk 28% reduced risk Heart Failure A 10 mm Hg reduction in systolic blood pressure can significantly reduce risk of several conditions: Nearly half of American adults have high blood pressure. Hypertension and CVD Risk Factors The guideline recommends screening for and managing these risk factors. Current cigarette smoking, secondhand smoke Diabetes mellitus Dyslipidemia/hypercholesterolemia Overweight/obesity Physical inactivity/low fitness Unhealthy diet In addition, several relatively fixed risk factors associated with hypertension should be considered, including: • Chronic kidney disease • Family history • Increased age • Low socioeconomic/ educational status • Male sex • Obstructive sleep apnea • Psychosocial stress In Practice Help your patients understand the risks of high BP and the substantial benefits of lowering their BP. Emphasize the central role they play in preventing and managing elevated BP.