AHA High Blood Pressure Toolkit

10 Hypertension Guideline Toolkit for Healthcare Providers TREATMENT – NONPHARMACOLOGIC Guideline-recommended treatment includes nonpharmacologic interventions for patients with elevated BP or stage 1 hypertension and an estimated 10-year CVD risk of less than 10%. A combination of antihypertensive medication and nonpharmacologic interventions is recommended for patients with stage 1 hypertension and an estimated 10-year ASCVD risk of 10% or higher and for all patients with stage 2 hypertension. Nonpharmacologic Interventions The guideline recommends several nonpharmacologic interventions that have been shown to reduce systolic BP by as much as 11 mm Hg in adults with hypertension. These interventions also can help prevent hypertension in adults with normal BP. • Weight loss for patients who are overweight or obese • Heart-healthy diet (such as DASH) • Sodium restriction • Potassium supplementation (preferably in dietary modification) • Increased physical activity with structured exercise program • Limitation of alcohol to 1 (women) or 2 (men) standard drinks per day Treating Elevated BP or Hypertension In Practice Talk to your patients about the benefits of lifestyle changes in reducing BP. Give them the “What Can I Do To Improve My Blood Pressure” resource as a reminder for them at home.